Speed down

I did not rekognize that recent high-performance gaming PCs operate at 100fps, 200fps or higher. I thought that it is meaningless to raise fps value above 60, because of human's eyes' limitation.

I found that the game speed was super fast when you play my games on high-spec PCs, since the game execution speed was set to "Move at full speed as much as possible" for low performance environments.

Therefore, I modified the screen drawing cycle so that it works at an average of 60 fps on any machine.

Safari Matter

In Safari on iOS15, the position of the toolbar has changed to the bottom of the screen. Because of this, the toolbar pops up and down during gameplay, which can be annoying.

You can move the toolbar back to the top or hide the toolbar by the device-specific settings, but I didn't want players to make such extra settings.

Therefore, I rewrote the HTML and CSS of the game display pane so that the toolbar does not get in the way of play.

I have confirmed the operation in various environments, but in some cases the speed or game display may be unexpected. If you think something is strange, please let me know.