Playing Guide

On this page, I will explain how to operate the game.

Ally unit control

The unit with a tiny triangular frame is the leader.

When you tap / click the 8 squares of the leader's top, bottom, left, and right, the leader moves one step there.

The unit cannot move in the direction of the wall.

Moving in the direction of destructible obstacles such as doors, jars, crates, tables, etc. will destroy them.

Tap / click a square such as a wall or enemy to display the explanation at the top of the screen. If you look into a suspicious object, some hints may be hidden!

Party assembling

White people standing in the field are potential companions. If your unit touches next to each other, you will join the party and act together.

When the leader moves, all the friends move in the same direction. If the movement is blocked by an obstacle, that unit will not move.

The number of friends that cannot be displayed on the screen is waiting at the bottom of the screen. They come out when the party is moved upwards.

Battle procidure

If your character overlaps with a red-colored enemy monster or enemy soldier, it will be a battle. The attacking side wins unilaterally and crushes the enemy units.

Enemy's turn

The enemy moves after your army has acted. All enemies move in the same direction at once. The detailed rules of movement are the same as for your own army.

If there is a unit of your own army at the enemy's destination, that unit will be destroyed. People who are not yet friends will also be killed. Avoid adjoining enemies and allies at the end of your turn.

If the leader is defeated, another unit will take over the leader. The game is over when your unit is wiped out.

The enemy cannot move diagonally. Let's take advantage of diagonal movement.


If you want to start the game again, such as when your favorite companion has died, press the reset button at the bottom right of the screen. You can go back to the situation when the stage started and start over.